It is once again the time of year for our spring flushing program and chlorine switch from chloramines to free chlorine within our drinking water system.  Loudoun Water, along with most other utilities in the area,  performs these actions annually to ensure high standards of water quality and proper operation of valves and fire hydrants.  In the past we have notified you or your organization of this event.

The timeframe for this system-wide program starts Monday March 22nd and will continue for about 12 weeks, or until we are complete with the scheduled annual maintenance.

You may notice a slight difference in the taste and odor of the water because of the change in the type of disinfectant, but this is a normal occurrence and is expected.

For additional information and FAQ’s about this program go to:

To see when flushing crews will be in your area, follow us on Twitter  @loudounwater , or check back frequently to see our hydrant flushing map.