The storm that went through South Riding the evening of July 12th was very destructive. Estimates from VDOT are that upwards of 500 trees were damaged in our community during that brief storm.

Today we saw the community come together with all of the South Riding neighbors helping each other. We had large crews from both of our landscaping companies, VDOT and a crew from our Brambleton neighbors worked tirelessly next to our dedicated South Riding Operations Team to address fallen common area trees and chip up debris. The priority today was to clear streets and driveways.

We will continue to assess common area tree damage, prioritize and work through immediate concerns this week and follow up with additional specialty contractors including vendors for stump removal in the weeks to come.

Today we received a number of concerns for matters that are the individual homeowner’s responsibility. Click HERE for an article that outlines tree responsibilities.

Republic Services has been made aware of our situation but we anticipate there will be challenges with the yard debris collection on Monday. Please do your best to prepare the yard waste as follows: Brush, limbs and branches cut into 4-foot lengths, items are bundled (arm full size) and bound with rope or twine and do NOT exceed 50 pounds. Bundles larger than 4’ lengths or exceed 50 pounds will not be collected.

Any private property damaged as a result of this storm will be covered under your individual homeowner’s or car owner’s insurance.

Please send any concerns to Be sure to include your address and any photos, this will help us assess and prioritize better.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through this! Thank you to all of those who have reached out to us with kind words for our efforts!