At its October 7, 2021 meeting, the South Riding Proprietary Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, adopted the 2022 Operating Budget and Schedule of Assessments. We have not had an increase since 2017.

The monthly cost of Trash collection will increase $4.86 for Single-Family homes and $3.57 for townhomes. The waste industry is facing labor shortages and significant increases in dumping fees. Even with this increase the price for trash pickup in the community is significantly lower than other communities.  Other areas that reflect significant increases include both the Landscaping and Pool contracts due, primarily, to increased labor costs. Income from interest, advertising and sponsorships of events is down as well which also contributes to our bottom line.

Detached Homes                                 $86.95 (Common Expense $43.85, Recreation Expense $16.13 & Detached Home $26.97)

Detached Homes w/ Common Drive   $102.20 (Common Expense $43.85, Recreation Expense $16.13 & Detached Home $26.97 Common Drive $15.26)

Townhomes                                         $95.50 (Common Expense $43.85, Recreation Expense $16.13 & Townhouse $35.51)


Lakeside Condominium Units             $60.00**                                                                      

Amberlea Condominium Units           $78.61* *                                                                   

Town Center Condominiums Units     $78.61* *                                                                      

**This amount represents the amount paid to SRP. Please contact your management company for your monthly assessments.    

Detailed 2022 Budget information can be found HERE.